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First Congress Musica a la Llum - The documentary Heritage of Winds Band
Dal 13/12/2018 al 15/12/2018
Valencia - Spagna

University of Valencia – La Nau
13th to 15th December 2018 (European Year of Cultural Heritage)

The Institut Valencià de Cultura, the Valencian Community Federation of Musical Societies (FSMCV) and the Valencia University, are responsible for the organization of this international congress within the Música a la llum programme of activities, sponsored by Bankia.

The phenomenon of wind bands is one of the most characteristic ingredients of Valencian society and culture, present from the northern to the southern limits of our Region, and one which has recently been recognized as an intangible Cultural Heritage by the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia Regional Government). To the number of musical societies and musicians involved in the bands’ activity, we must add the remarkably long histories of a considerable percentage of the same. In conjunction, the bands are custodians of a heritage that is as extensive and valuable as it is relatively unknown.

The Música la llum programme was launched in 2016 as a vehicle to facilitate collaboration with musical societies in relation to the conservation, enhancement and dissemination of the cultural heritage that has accumulated around their wind bands, mainly through the tools of documentary description but also through a comprehensive plan that includes, among other activities, the promotion of research into the archives of the musical societies, with initiatives such as this congress.

Interest in the study of wind band music is intensifying and becoming increasingly rigorous in Spain, following a path already started in our neighbouring countries. The multiplication of doctoral theses and studies, the first congress on bands organized by the Spanish Society of Musicology (SEdeM) in Madrid in 2017, and the appearance of the magazine Estudios Bandísticos, issued by the National Association of Band Directors, are all signs of the recent changes that are taking place. By means of the Música a la llum congress, we want to contribute to this growth, whilst also placing a degree of emphasis on our own priorities.

The congress will be structured around three classes of contribution. Firstly, guest expert speakers, drawn from the fields of music, academic research and document management. Secondly, round tables with monographic debates. Thirdly, open communications, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

By means of example, the topics that may be discussed include:

the description of the wind bands’ musical archives and their visibilization;
the link between composers and directors and the archives of musical societies;
the transcriptions in the bands’ repertoire;
the wind bands as centres for the collection of the musical memory of a municipality;
the circulation of the repertoire;
the projects for the recovery of music for bands that has been lost over time;
the organological, photographic or documentary heritage existent in musical societies.
By means of this document, we would like to make a call for the presentation of communications. The deadline for the submission of provisional titles and summaries of around 300 words is August 31, 2018. They are to be sent, together with the sender’s curriculum vitae, to the following email:

The texts may be submitted in Valencian, Spanish or English, the official languages of the congress.

The organisers will respond to all those concerned prior to September 30. The proposals must present original and novel information, or the provisional conclusions of ongoing research. The presentations may be supported by audiovisual media. Following the acceptance of the proposals, the congress participants must pay a registration fee of 20 euros by means of a procedure to be announced in due time.

Participation in the congress will be certified by the University of Valencia’s Institute of Creativity and Educative Innovation.

Complete and updated information about the congress and all its related activities can be found on the website Should you have any questions, you can also write to

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