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XVI Internacional Wind Music Bands Festival and Contest in Lleida 2019
04/07/2019, ore

FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida


                  Contest for Symphonic Wind Bands

                  FIRST.- "FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música

                  (International Wind Music Bands, Marching Bands and Fanfare Orchestras in

                  Lleida) will take place on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th July 2019.

                  The location for the Symphonic Wind Bands contest will be Auditori Enric

                  Granados (Pl.Josep Prenafeta, s/n- 25004 Lleida)..

                  The Organising Committee regulates, manages and coordinates the festival. It

                  will require as many technicians as deemed necessary and will be helped by a

                  Control Committee. The said committee will be responsible for the application of

                  all regulations.

                  SECOND.- Application will take place from October 1st 2018 until January 15th

                  2019 at 15:00h (14h GMT).

                  Applications must be sent to:

                  • FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  Banda Municipal de Lleida

                  Pl.Josep Prenafeta, s/n

                  25004 Lleida-España

                  Together with the application form, the following must be enclosed:

                  • Conductor's Curriculum

                  • Fanfare/Wind Band / Marching band curriculum

                  • A present picture of the band

                  • Audio-visual recording (DVD, link to an internet video)

                  After the application has been sent, bands have to contact the Committee either

                  by mail at or by means of the website

                  www . informing them of the sending of the application.

                  THIRD.- The contest is open to amateur and professional international

                  fanfares, wind and marching bands.

                  Participating bands will be distributed into a single category, as specified in the

                  fourth base. Categories must have at least two bands. If there were just one

                  band in one Category due to any reason, the Category would be annulled.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  FOURTH.- Bands would be split into categories regarding the number of


                  Category I:

                  • Up to 80 musicians (Conductor and chaperones excluded), with no

                  more than 9 string instruments

                  Before May 15th , the band must sent a first list of musicians and artists

                  participating in the festival. At the moment of submitting the final list, no more

                  than 6 changes from the first list will be allowed. The name of the

                  musicians/artists will be informed surname first, name later, in alphabetical

                  order. In the list, there must be the name of the Band; surname, name and ID

                  card or passport number of each musician/artist. Any artist which is not in the

                  final list cannot participate in the Contest.

                  No musician / artist can be enlisted in two participating bands. If it occurred, the

                  second band in participating order would be immediately disqualified.

                  FIFTH.- The number and names of participating bands will be informed to all

                  registered in the Festival.

                  SIXTH.- The contest dates will be within the dates informed in clause I.

                  Time of performance will be informed to all participating bands.

                  SEVENTH.- The compulsory scores, the conductor score of which is available

                  on the festival website, for each category are as follows:

                  Category I:

                  6000 aC.......................Tomàs Simón Plazas

                  You need to send an email to to access the score.

                  Each band will also perform a score of their own choice which fits within the

                  following time slots:

                  • Category I …………………………….. 20 minutes.

                  Once the application has been sent, the bands cannot modify the scores they

                  participate in the contest with.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  A time lapse of 5 minutes excess or defect will be observed in the scores

                  presented by participating bands. Any excess duration over 5 minutes on the

                  set time will be penalized.

                  Organising Committee is not responsible for any legal issue derived from the

                  use of scores selected by participating bands.

                  EIGHTH.- The stage for the Contest will be the same for all participating bands.

                  The setting of the stage will be managed by the Organising Committee and

                  unauthorized modifications will not be allowed

                  NINTH.- The Organising Committee will appoint the Jury members, amongst

                  music specialists.

                  TENTH.- The Evaluation Committee will meet to evaluate and select the

                  participating bands.

                  Once the participating bands have been designated, there will be a public

                  lottery to set their participating order in the contest.

                  ELEVENTH.- All selected bands must send the following before 1st March:

                  • THREE copies of the conductor scores that bands have selected

                  • A copy of the payment slip for the registration fee (€300)

                  Payment to.- Banda Municipal de Lleida

                  IBAN Bank Account: ES72 0182 8140 6002 0155 5072

                  TWELFTH.- Not submitting all the required documents or failing to do so before

                  the set date would mean declining to participate in the Contest.

                  THIRTEENTH.- There will be volunteers on/off stage that can help participating

                  bands prior to their performance in the setting of the stage.

                  Once in the Contest set, all bands and their musicians/artists will follow the

                  orders from the Control Committee and the Organisation, fulfilling the required

                  rules and observing respect to all other participating bands.

                  Only registered participating musicians can be in the set. Any other member

                  from participating bands which is not registered as a musician (chaperones,

                  relatives, etc.) are not allowed in the set.

                  FOURTEENTH.- Control Committee will require identification to all the

                  participating musicians/artists prior to their access to the Contest set.

                  Musicians and artists will be required to present their ID, passport or any other

                  valid identification document with a picture.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  FIFTEENTH.- Once the band is on stage, the Control Committee will

                  authorise the band to start their performance. All bands will perform a piece of

                  no more than five minutes in order to tune and get used to the sonority of the

                  Concert Hall. This piece will not be evaluated by the Jury.

                  Then, bands will perform the compulsory score of their category and, after that,

                  the score of their own choice.

                  SIXTEENTH.- Each jury member can award a score of 0 to 10 points in 0.5

                  fractions. The final score will be obtained from averaging these scores. In the

                  event of a difference of more than 4 points between the highest and the lowest

                  score awarded by jury members, neither will be considered for the final score


                  After the last participating band has left the stage, each jury member will hand

                  out their score to the Secretary of the Jury. In the event of a draw, jury members

                  would emit a single vote for any of the drawn bands.

                  The Jury's decision will be announced after protocolary acts, and it will be

                  ratified by the Organising Committee.

                  SEVENTEENTH.- The following prizes will be awarded for each category:

                  Category I

                  • 1st Prize.………………………………………. €5,000.00

                  All prizes will be awarded. No prizes will be shared "ex aequo".

                  The current law regarding prizes will be observed.

                  A participating diploma will be awarded to all bands.

                  EIGHTEENTH.- The prizes will be transferred to the winner band's bank

                  accounts after the contest.

                  NINETEENTH.- The Organising Committee will take any action to ensure the

                  Contest takes place according to regulations. In the event any performance has

                  to be postponed or stopped because of a justified reason, the Committee will

                  decide on a later performance.

                  The Organising Committee can modify the dates and/or the location established

                  on the 1st regulation, informing participating bands of any change no later than

                  15 days before their performance.

                  TWENTIETH.- Once bands have been selected, the participation fee of €300

                  must be satisfied.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  TWENTY-FIRST.- All bands taking part in the contest have to perform in a

                  parade as part of their participation in the festival. They must attend this event

                  with, at least, 90% of the musicians/artists in their list. The parade will end with

                  an ensemble performance of a local composer's score by all participating


                  The Organising committee will provide each participating band with a

                  percussion set and a piano for the contest but NOT FOR THE PARADE.

                  TWENTY-SECOND.- T he following accommodation modules are available to

                  participating bands: (all prices are pp – per person)

                  • Module A Participation fee, full board accommodation for three nights

                  (dinner on the first day to lunch on the last day) for €120 pp (musicians

                  and artists) or €135pp (chaperones, relatives, etc.)

                  • Module B Participation fee, full board accommodation for two nights for

                  €90 pp (musicians and artists) or €100pp (chaperones, relatives, etc.)

                  • Module C Participation fee, full board accommodation for one night for

                  €50 pp (musicians and artists) or €55pp (chaperones, relatives, etc.)

                  The fees for bus drivers are the same as the ones for musicians/artists.

                  Participating groups subject to Module A or B who choose to take part in

                  the Festival by offering a concert in a public space in a neighbouring

                  village qualify for a €1500 grant to cover for extra travelling fees.

                  Groups must leave their rooms on the morning of their last day of stay.

                  The Organising Committee can help all groups wishing to extend or advance

                  their stay in Lleida, as well as organise tourist trips.

                  Before 1st March, participating bands must fulfil part of the accommodation fee

                  to secure their booking. The fee depends on the number of group members, as

                  listed below and must be transferred to

                  • Payable to: Banda Municpal de Lleida

                  • IBAN: ES72 0182 8140 6002 0155 5072

                  Module A Module B Module C

                  1. Participating band €4000 €2600 €1300

                  The remaining of the accommodation fee must be satisfied prior to 15th May.

                  Further modifications after that date may incur in additional costs, which will be

                  determined by the accommodation providers.

                  Once the transfer has been made, bands will email

                  a copy of the payment slip.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  TWENTY-THIRD.- Bands not opting for any plans specified on the twelfth

                  clause, can use the Festival canteen. The prices of the canteen are as follows:

                  • Musicians / artists.- 1 ticket (1 meal) €8.

                  • Chaperones, relatives, etc. – 1 ticket (1 meal) €10

                  Bands wishing to make use of the canteen must provide payment before 1st

                  June for the total amount of the tickets to secure their booking, by means of a

                  bank transfer to:

                  • Payable to: Banda Municpal de Lleida

                  • IBAN: ES72 0182 8140 6002 0155 5072

                  Once the transfer has been made, the payment slip has to be sent to

         In the email bands have to specify the date and

                  meal (lunch or dinner) they are booking.

                  TWENTY-FOURTH.- The following individual infractions may incur in the

                  disqualification of a participating band: failing to fulfil the regulations, the orders

                  given by the Control Committee or any action that might affect the proper

                  festival development.

                  TWENTY-FIFTH.- When taking part in the festival, participating bands yield their

                  image and sound rights, as well as all documents enclosed in the application, to

                  the Organising Committee.

                  TWENTY-SIXTH.- Any decision taken by the Organising Committee, as well as

                  the Jury's verdict, are final.

                  TWENTY-SEVENTH.- Applications will be submitted using the attached model.

                  All bank transfers must be in EURO. Any fee derived from bank transferring

                  must be assumed by participating bands.

                  TWENTY-EIGHTH.- All participating bands will sign a document detailing all

                  aspects of their participation in "FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes

                  de Música de Lleida".

                  TWENTY-NINTH.- In the event of any misinterpretation of the regulations, the

                  ones written in Catalan shall prevail.

                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  THIRTIETH.- Upon submitting their application, bands accept the regulations,

                  as well as any decision the Organising Committee might take regarding the

                  development of the contest, performance and any situation not detailed in the


                  All bands, and their organisations are submitted to the decisions of the courts in

                  the city of Lleida, as stated in article 55 in Spanish Law of Civil Justice (Ley de

                  Enjuiciamiento Civil), regarding any conflict of interests that these regulations

                  might cause in "FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de


                  FEM BANDA Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida

                  APPLICATION FORM


                  Mr./Ms. ________________________________________________________________________________________

                  Representing (name of the organisation):

                  As the (Role in the organisation):

                  Address: #.

                  City/Town Post Code _________________________________________

                  Region and Country _____________________________________________________________________________

                  C.I.F. (Fiscal ID Number, if available) ________________________________________________________________

                  Contact Phone(s)________________________________________________________________________________

                  e - mail

                  Bank account number (IBAN) _____________________________________________________________________



                  The band or society whom s/he represents has been informed of the regulations in the Fem Banda

                  Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música de Lleida (International Wind and Marching Band Festival)

                  organized by Banda Municipal de Lleida (Wind Band of Lleida) that will take place on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th July



                  The band or organisation s/he represents wants to participate in the symphonic wind festival contest,

                  according to the regulations for the symphonic wind bands contest.

                  In regards to Regulation #22, we wish to select the following accommodation plan:

                  Module Accomodation type Musicians Chaperiones Total

                  Module A …… 3 nights, full board _______ _______ _______

                  Module B …… 2 nights, full board _______ _______ _______

                  Module C …… 1 night, full board _______ _______ _______


                  Confirms that the Band or Organisation s/he represents has read, understood and accepted the said

                  regulations, without reserves.

                  Conductor's name:_______________________________________________________________________

                  Scores selected by the band:______________________________________________________________

                  I enclose a curriculum of the band and the conductor

                  I enclose a picture of the band

                  I enclose a DVD recording or a link to an internet video service

                  I enclose the list of musicians/artists taking part in the festival

                  (city/town) (day) __ (month) 201


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